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… with German ancestors …

It’s an amazing statistic in terms of ancestral origins.

One of every seven Americans has German ancestors.

That’s an estimate, of course: more than 46 million Americans reported German ancestry as of 20151 — more than any other place of ancestry — and today we have an estimated population of 330 million.2

That’s a lot of folks chasing dead Germans to try to figure out who belongs on what branches of our family trees. And it doesn’t even include all those with German ancestry living elsewhere.

The Legal Genealogist is certainly among the folks chasing those dead Germans — first generation American of German descent here — and knows first-hand that this research isn’t easy for an American. So we need all the help and education and training we can get.

Which is why I’m not just speaking at but will be carefully paying attention to every single session offered during the 2021 all-virtual International German Genealogy Conference, to be held 17 July to 24 July 2021.

IGGP 2021 conference

And registration — with an early bird special price through the end of this month — is now open for this conference, with the theme Researching Together Worldwide / weltweit gemeinsam forschen.

There are four packages for the conference:

• IGGP LIVE! (early bird $119, then $169), offering “eight live lectures by an all-star lineup of genealogy experts,” Ute Brandenburg, Wolfgang Grams, Timo Kracke, Roger Minert, Katherine Schober, Diahan Southard, Michael Strauss and yours truly.3

• IGGP OnDemand (early bird $179, then $229), with more than fifty prerecorded sessions to choose from.

• IGGP Combo Package (early bird $229, then $279), with all the LIVE! and OnDemand presentations.

• IGGP USB Works (early bird $249, then $295), with all the LIVE! and OnDemand presentations “plus a preloaded USB flashdrive with all the conference sessions, meaning that you will have lifetime access to these expert-level lectures.”

The website explains that “all packages include access to the online sponsor and exhibit hall, as well as to the “Connections” breakout sessions that will bring together small groups with similar German genealogy or cultural affinities.”4 You can register at this link (at the PlayBack Now website) or click on the button on the registration blog post (at the IGGC website).

It’s not hype to note that this virtual IGGP conference “is a must-attend for anyone researching their German ancestors. With expected participation from genealogists around the world, researchers will have a unique opportunity to connect across borders while simultaneously learning from the top experts in the field.”5

There’s lots more information on the conference website so take a look.

So if you’re among those one of every seven Americans with German ancestry — or one of so many others outside the United States with the same research needs — come on out and join us this summer as we polish up our skills for Researching Together Worldwide / weltweit gemeinsam forschen.

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