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A look at captioning with Irfanview

The Legal Genealogist is a big fan of Irfanview, a free graphics editing program.

One thing I like best about it is how easy it is to use Irfanview to add a caption to a photograph to save the source citation information.

So, twice in the past, I’ve written about how to do that.1

And yesterday I got a reminder that not everybody learns the same way. A reader was really struggling with the instructions I provided. Reading them just didn’t make sense.

And — duh! — it finally dawned on me that this is a perfect case for show-and-tell, rather than use-words-to-describe.

So… let’s take a look at captioning with Irfanview. Literally take a look.

Here ’tis. An Irfanview add-a-caption show-and-tell for the visual-auditory learners in the crowd. (Email readers may need to click on the link there instead of the image below.) 2

With apologies for taking so long to think of doing it this way…

Cite/link to this post: Judy G. Russell, “Adding that image citation,” The Legal Genealogist ( : posted 01 Mar 2021).

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