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One big change at Ancestry

A shift in the terms of service Ancestry has just updated its terms of service and privacy statement -- again -- and this time there is a change buried deep in its language that is of significance to users. As of the change, effective yesterday (3 August 2021), a user...

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Snippets 2021 v.6

Planned downtime at MyHeritage Our new virtual reality has had its up sides and its down sides. On the up side few events have been cancelled. On the down side even more events have been scheduled. Which means it's a busy time around The Legal Genealogist, with...

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Tracking back…

A cool genetic visualization tool Rob Spencer is a scientist who's developed a set of tools for use with DNA results -- visualizing some of our genetic genealogy. He calls his website, Tracking Back, a place “for genetic genealogy tools, experimentation, and...

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A Moore unmoored

No, he's not There are roughly a gazillion family trees on Ancestry and elsewhere that say Robert Wilson “Mustang” Moore (b 1808 NC) is the son of Joseph Moore (c1759 NC-1820 KY), and his wife Rebecca (c1759 NC-c1861 MS), whose maiden name may have been Ballew.[1. No,...

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Lost and found at FTDNA

Looking at the cousin match changes Three weeks ago, Family Tree DNA began rolling out a number of changes, many of which greatly impacted its cousin-matching algorithm for its autosomal Family Finder test. It took a bit longer than the company expected, as glitches...

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A genealogist with a law degree, The Legal Genealogist Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL , is a lecturer, educator and writer. [More]

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