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It’s a crime

Maintenance as an offense There is -- ulp!! -- just one week to go before the 44th annual conference of the National Genealogical Society begins in Sacramento, California. Themed Our American Mosaic, this conference will draw speakers, exhibitors and attendees from...

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Two’s not the charm…

About that "closest" match... It was one of The Legal Genealogist's goals for 2022: to identify the nearest as-yet-unidentified autosomal DNA match at each of the major testing companies. Solving the first one, at MyHeritage DNA, was easy, thanks to some very big...

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The tidbits of May

Love the local papers... One of the great joys of being a 21st century genealogist is sitting there, at 3 a.m., in your bunny slippers, and finding out little bits and pieces about your ancestors that you never would have known any other way. For The Legal...

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NGS registration closing

Register online TODAY This is it. Today's the day. Online registration for the 2022 National Genealogical Society Conference closes at 7:59 p.m. Eastern time today, Friday, 13 May 2022. Whether your plans now allow you to travel in person and join The Legal...

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A matter of local law

Remember the mantra! Okay, fans of The Legal Genealogist, here's your pop quiz for today. What's the mantra around these parts? Yep, you know it. You can probably recite it in your sleep: If we want to understand the records, we have to understand the law -- at the...

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A genealogist with a law degree, The Legal Genealogist Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL , is a lecturer, educator and writer. [More]

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