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Chalk and cheese

And reasons for loving libraries Nothing about the divorce has ever surprised The Legal Genealogist. My parents -- who were married 73 years ago tomorrow -- were as different as chalk and cheese. He was formal German immigrant. She was folksy U.S. southern -- of the...

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From the Roots of a Tree: 2021

The genealogy of a national hero This year, perhaps more than ever, we need to remember. This year -- on the 15th of January, 2021 -- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have turned 92 years old. He was born 15 January 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. And those of us old...

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DNA winds of change

Big changes in the wind at FTDNA, GEDmatch There have been two major developments in the DNA world this week -- a change in ownership at Family Tree DNA and a change in direction at GEDmatch. And exactly what either change will mean for the typical DNA customer......

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Milestones, 2021

Looking back to 2020, forward to 2021 The very best part of falling headlong into family history research is the stories. Stories in The Legal Genealogist’s family take us back a long way in America on the maternal side and in Germany on the paternal side. Stories...

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To enrich, expand and inspire

TIGR registration opens tomorrow The Legal Genealogist descends from a Texan who descends from a Texan who descends from a Texan who descends from a settler in the Republic of Texas. As far as the records go, that's nearly 180 years of connection with the Lone Star...

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