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Get out and vote!

It’s election day 2020 in the United States.

And here’s The Legal Genealogist‘s #1 Election Day rule:

You can’t complain about the results if you didn’t vote!


There’s really no excuse for not voting. Here, in the 100th anniversary year since the passage of the 19th amendment, we can remember that our mothers and grandmothers fought hard for this right. Americans have voted in peacetime and wartime, and in sickness (this is not our first pandemic…) and in health.

If you haven’t already done so, get up off your duff. Find your polling place. Wear a mask. Vote.

Oh, and because this year is just plain weird, here’s The Legal Genealogist‘s #1 special Election Day rule for this crazy year of 2020:

It’s not over until ALL votes are counted.

Seriously… if you didn’t vote, I’m not going to listen for one minute to any complaints about the results.

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