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The Genealogy Guys point the way

Those who know The Legal Genealogist in real life, rather than virtually, know better than to use the word “organized” anywhere in the vicinity.

Just because I manage to meet the deadlines and not miss the plane does not make me organized.

And you’d know that if you ever saw the piles of papers and books in my office or the piles of papers and books in my living room or the piles of papers and books in my dining room and…

You get the picture.

And it’s not pretty.

my desk drawer

That’s why I’m loving the new series on The Genealogy Guys Blog, featuring daily organization tips from the king of genealogical organization, Drew Smith.1

Drew started the series on New Year’s Eve with Day 0: Introducing 31 Days of Getting Organized, urging us all to “make January 2020 the month in which we start getting more organized.”2 And on the first of this year, the tips starting rolling in.

So far this January, we’ve gotten ideas that will help us:

Day 1: Organize Your Physical Desktop3

Day 2: Organize Your Computer Desktop4

Day 3: Organize Your Physical Inbox5

Day 4: Organize Your Email Inbox6

Day 5: Organize Your Nearest Desk Drawer7

Day 6: Organize Your Top-Level Computer Files8

Day 7: Organize Your Nearest File Drawer9

Day 8: Organize Your Browser Bookmarks/Favorites10

Day 9: Organize Your Other File Drawers11

Day 10: Organize Your RSS Feeds12

Every one of these is short, to-the-point, and helpful. And, seriously, doable for just about anybody.13

So… Read ’em.

Read the next 21.

Put ’em into practice.

Oh, and note to self: get organized!14

Cite/link to this post: Judy G. Russell, “Note to self: get organized!,” The Legal Genealogist ( : posted 10 Jan 2020).


  1. He wrote the book, y’know. See Drew Smith, Organize Your Genealogy: Strategies and Solutions for Every Researcher (Cincinnati, Ohio : Family Tree Books, 2016). I asked my cousin to give it to me as a holiday gift one year. She did. I may actually do what it suggests … one of these days …
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  14. So don’t bother me. I’m cleaning my desk drawer. It needs it, don’t you think?
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