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… with Valentine’s Day sales

About the only good thing to be said for February in the northern hemisphere is that it includes Valentine’s Day.

And the best thing about Valentine’s Day anywhere is … DNA sales.

Valentine Day DNA salesSeriously… The Legal Genealogist can’t think of anything that says “love” more than having a loved one hand over a DNA sample to build more of our genetic family history.

And there’s nothing a genealogist loves more than saving money.

Put those two together, in Valentine’s Day sales at all the major DNA companies, and what’s not to love?

Most of the tests are autosomal DNA tests. That, remember, is the kind of DNA we all have and all inherit from both parents and that allows us to find cousins with whom to collaborate and share research.1

But at Family Tree DNA, the sale also includes bundles with YDNA tests (the kind of DNA only men have that’s passed down from father to son to son in a direct male line2) and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) tests (the kind of DNA we all have but that’s passed down only by a female to her children, and then only by the daughters to the grandchildren, and so on3).

So we’ll start with Family Tree DNA, and then go with the rundown of the autosomal-only sales in alphabetical order (click on any of the titles below to go to the company website):

Family Tree DNA Valentine’s Sale:

Family Finder (autosomal) test: $59 (usually $79)
Family Finder and Y-37: $199 (usually $248)
Family Finder and Y-67: $299 (usually $347)
Family Finder and mtDNA full sequence: $229 (usually $278)
Family Finder, Y-67 and mtDNA full sequence: $473 (usually $546)

Sale continues through 14 February 2018.

23andMe Valentine’s Sale:

$79 for Ancestry only (usually $99); $159 for Ancestry + Health (usually $199).

Sale continues through 14 February 2018.

AncestryDNA Winter Sale:

Autosomal test $69 (usually $79).

Sale continues through 25 February 2018.

Living DNA sale:

Autosomal test (focused on geoethnicity): $99 (usually $159).

No expiration date listed.

MyHeritageDNA Valentine’s Sale:

Autosomal test $69 (usually $99). Two or more kits ordered at the same time, $59 each.

Sale continues through 14 February 2018.

Valentine’s Day DNA sales. What’s not to love?


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