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And one in particular today…

The best part of writing a blog is the readers.

Those who share their ideas, their enthusiasm, their information so freely.

And boy does The Legal Genealogist have great readers.

Readers who forgive me when I’m so jammed with another project that I can’t get a blog post up on a timely basis.1

Readers who really make this all worthwhile.

And readers who go out of their way to help.

Case in point: a lovely gentleman in Midland, Texas, named James Moring.

Jim wrote to me back in February after reading about my Cottrell family here in the blog. He said he’d been looking through some materials at the Midland library including high school annuals and had come across a Cottrell in the 1942 annual. Would I be interested?

The photo, from the high school annual, was of my mother as a junior. And I absolutely adore it.

Jim has sent city directory pages and a few other things and, just a day or so ago, a lovely surprise.

I recently posted about visiting the memorial marker for my Uncle Monte at Fort Rosencrans National Cemetery in a recent visit to San Diego, California.2 Jim read that, then read back to a 2012 post where I told the story of one terrifying night in Monte’s life.

Enlisting as an 18-year-old, he served as a member of the U.S. Navy Armed Guards in World War II. In the summer of 1942, a ship he was guarding was torpedoed and sank in the Gulf of Mexico. I told that story from a clipping I’d gotten about that incident from a cousin; we both assumed it had come from the Midland newspaper, but we didn’t have more information and hadn’t had a chance to try to find the original article.3

Now we know exactly where it came from.

The article ran on the front page of the Midland, Texas, Report-Telegram on June 22, 1942.

And I now have a copy of it.

Thanks, Jim Moring.

It’s readers like Jim that make writing this blog a joy.


  1. I will resume regular posts. Really. Soon. Maybe. If I survive the launch of a new website for another group…
  2. Judy G. Russell, “One special marker,” The Legal Genealogist, posted 9 Sep 2017 ( : accessed 7 Oct 2017).
  3. See ibid., “The untold story,” The Legal Genealogist, posted 10 Nov 2012.
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