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April 19th for next BCG webinar

The Legal Genealogist occasionally has fumble fingers.

Mistake Concepts, With Oops Message On Keyboard.As in this morning, when I was going for the SAVE button on a blog post and hit the PUBLISH button instead.

The post is fixed online, and the date of April 19th that’s on the website really is the correct date.

But that case of fumble fingers may mean that you got a tweet or an email blog post saying the next webinar in the BCG webinar series would be tonight.

(Trying to recall these things after hitting the publish button doesn’t always work.)

So if you did get that tweet or email blog post…

For the record: nope, nope, nope.

Not tonight.

That’s a mistake.

The next webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, April 19th, and features James M. Baker, PhD, CG, describing strategies to find early 1800s United States data. A case study illustrates the use of different record types to trace families backward in time from Illinois through Indiana, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Key online sources include newspapers, historical books, property records, marriage records, military records, and city directories.

Jim has been an active genealogist for the past fifteen years. He earned a PhD in sociology and social psychology from the University of Utah. In 2011, he became a board-certified genealogist. He specializes in German, Midwestern US, and early American genealogy research.

Sorry about the date issue… but hey… you’ve got lots of time to register in advance for this webinar and put it on your calendar.

For April 19th.


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