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DNA tests on sale

It’s that time of year again … and The Legal Genealogist just can’t resist.

Sale TagsI’m a sucker for a DNA sale.

DNA tests give us the chance to fish for cousins, using our DNA as bait, to see if we can reel in that one person who’s out there with the family Bible, or that one surviving picture of a great grandparent, or even just the clue we need to help keep pushing back through the generations.

So whenever there’s a DNA sale, well, as I said, I’m a sucker for a DNA sale.

And there are two of them going on right now that are way too good to miss.

First, there’s the practically-everything’s-on-sale holiday season sale at Family Tree DNA with loads of goodies across the board.

Here’s the line-up of prices (good through December 31 (11:59 p.m. Central time) for kits bought and paid for by then):


Regular Price

Sale Price










Y-DNA12 to Y-DNA37



Y-DNA12 to Y-DNA67



Y-DNA37 to Y-DNA67



Y-DNA37 to Y-DNA111



Y-DNA67 to Y-DNA111



Family Finder



Big Y



mtDNA Full Sequence



Now those prices are pretty cool. But that’s not the best part. The best part is that Family Tree DNA decided to reprise something called Mystery Reward discounts.

Every week between now and the end of the year, every customer is getting an icon on the myFTDNA dashboard. Click on the icon, and you go to the rewards page to find out how much the additional discount is that you can add on top of the sale prices in the chart you see above here.

Yeah, it’s silly.

And it’s fun.

And some of the discounts are as much as $75 or more.

Worth spending some time playing with the icons, for sure.

And if that’s not enough to float your boat, you also have until the end of the day tomorrow, Monday, November 30th, to take advantage of AncestryDNA‘s Cyber Friday thru Monday savings, a 30% discount on autosomal DNA tests that takes the usual $99 price down to $69. There is a shipping cost, but ordering more than one kit at a time keeps that as low as possible.

So… what are you waiting for? After all, DNA is the gift we give to ourselves, as we find cousins and clues to our heritage.

So give yourself a gift.

Get a DNA test.

Or two.

Or a half-dozen.


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