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Come early!

It’s going to be a full house this afternoon for The Legal Genealogist‘s Legacy Family Tree webinar, Copyright Mythconceptions.

Copy.webinarIt seems that a lot of folks have questions about copyright — what’s allowed, what isn’t, and what we all think we know about copyright law that, well, just isn’t so.

So today’s webinar is going to be packed — and that means, seriously, some folks who’ve registered may not be able to get into the webinar if they don’t get there early.

If this happens to you, please don’t worry: you will be able to hear the whole presentation. Remember, the great thing about Legacy Family Tree webinars is that each one is available, free, for seven days after the webinar, and the webinar host, Geoff Rasmussen, does a terrific job of getting the full recording of each webinar online within hours. Right now, Angela Walton-Raji’s great webinar on Documenting Native American Families in 19th and 20th Century Records can be viewed for free.

And even after the free period, each recording is then available for purchase so you can review it more slowly, in more depth, at your own pace. Or you can just subscribe to the entire Legacy Family Tree webinar service, and get on-demand access to the entire archived set — some 250-plus hours of instruction already and new materials added every week. The cost right now is $49.95 for a year, and $9.95 for a month.

I know I often can’t sit in on daytime webinars, but I’ve been able to take in terrific presentations anyway and they’re available for viewing now through the subscription service or by purchasing a CD: Linda Woodward Geiger Using Tax Lists to Solve Genealogical Problems; James M. Beidler on German Internet Research: A Launching Place for Your Research; and Lisa Alzo on 10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Family History Narrative, just to name a few.

And if you do have time during the day to listen in live, the line-up of upcoming webinars for the rest of the summer and fall is terrific. Take a gander at the offerings at the Upcoming Webinars page and make sure your register in advance for any presentation that you want to hear.

Oh… and come early.

Things can get crowded, even online…

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