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Free APG webinar: Terms of Use

Every single website we use day to day has rules of the road — terms and conditions that apply to what we can do on the site, how we can use it, and so much more.

termsJoin The Legal Genealogist for an overview of website terms and conditions and how they affect us as genealogists in a free webinar sponsored by the Association of Professional Genealogists next Wednesday, December 11, at 9 p.m. EST (8 p.m. CST, 7 p.m. MST and 6 p.m. PST).

Terms of use, remember, are “the limits somebody who owns something you want to see or copy or use puts on whether or not he’ll let you see or copy or use it. These are limits that are different from copyright protection, since the law says what is and isn’t copyrighted and you can own a thing without owning the copyright. So this isn’t copyright law; it’s contract law — you and whoever owns the thing you want to see or copy or use reach a deal.”1

And terms of use are always a hot issue — witness the issues that have come up just in the last year about terms of use at Find A Grave,2 at GenealogyBank,3 at Pinterest,4 Facebook5 and more.

Here’s the official info from APG on next week’s webinar:

“Terms and conditions may apply” — Contract Law and the Internet

Websites have fine print too. And it’s the fine print that answers questions like: Why can I use this newspaper clipping from this service, and not that clipping from that service? What happens if I allow someone else to use my account on that website? If I get into a dispute with a genealogical service provider, can I sue them? This webinar will review the basics of website terms and conditions (“terms of use” or “terms of service”) and what they mean for the genealogist.

Again, this webinar is free and open to all genealogists, courtesy of the Association of Professional Genealogists, so reserve your webinar seat now at:

After December 11th, the recording of this webinar — like all recordings of the APG webinars — will be available to APG members only. So be sure to reserve your seat now for next week’s webinar. Better yet, join APG and get access to this and all the recorded webinars in the APG series — plus a whole lot more in member benefits!


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