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One deal not to pass up

The Legal Genealogist generally avoids Black Friday as if it were the Black Plague.

Shopping is my least favorite chore under the best of circumstances, and the phrase “best of circumstances” really can’t be used in the same sentence — or even same paragraph — as “Black Friday sale.”

Except maybe today.

saleBecause there is one Black Friday sale that I’m going to take advantage of today big time.

It’s the Black Friday sale on Family Finder autosomal DNA test kits at Family Tree DNA.

Now first a reminder: autosomal DNA is the kind of DNA that exists everywhere in our chromosomes except in the gender-determinative X and Y chromosomes. So out of the 23 pairs of chromosomes we all have, the autosomes are 22 of those 23 pairs. Men and women alike have this DNA so gender doesn’t matter, and what we get in terms of results are matches to cousins we may not have any other way of knowing about.

So my own personal reason for testing is to try to break through brick walls by locating cousins who may have that family Bible no-one can find, or that piece of the paper trail that’s escaped me.

It’s got limits — it won’t take you back as far in time as YDNA will (that’s the kind of DNA men have and that gets passed down in the direct male line from father to son to son through the generations) or as mitochondrial DNA will (that’s the kind we all get from our mothers and that gets passed down from mother to child in each generation so it helps us prove the direct female line, to our mother’s mother’s mother’s mother and so on).

Realistically the cousins we can hope to find will be descendants of our fourth great grandparents or nearer.

With those limits in mind, it’s a great test — and that’s the test that’s on sale.

The Family Finder test is normally $99. Today, if you buy two or more kits, it’s 10% off, so each kit will cost $89.10, and with each kit you get a restaurant coupon valued at $100 from

And that’s a deal too good to pass up.

Let’s see. Uncle Jerry hasn’t tested yet. And my brother. And that second cousin in that one line I’m working on. And…

FOLLOW-UP: The website is having trouble handling the orders. There are two work-arounds for two problems. First, if you order multiple kits, and want them sent to separate addresses, then you need to order them initially to be send to one address (yours) and as soon as the order goes through, change the addresses on the kits. Second, if you’re ordering kits as add-ons to existing kits (say, folks who’ve already done YDNA tests and want to do Family Finder), then:
1) Order 2 or more new kits for the 10% discount.
2) Write down the new kit numbers from the confirmation message/e-mail.
3) Use the Feedback form to send a message to customer support,
3a) Make sure the subject in the Feedback for is “SPLIT FF ORDER.”
3b) Include the kit numbers of the new FF orders.
3c) Include the kit numbers of the exiting samples you wish to use.

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