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Welcome to baby Martin!

It’s a darned good thing that Saturdays are reserved for The Legal Genealogist‘s family around here, because BOY do I want to sing out!

Just 11 months ago we welcomed a new nephew by marriage into the family when my niece Gina married the love of her life David in a fairy-tale wedding.

And yesterday we got the news that they’ve given us the newest member of the family! My newest grand nephew!

Martin Evan is just about the most beautiful thing we ever laid eyes on.

David, Gina and Martin

He is the first grandchild for my brother Evan and my much loved sister-by-marriage Judith, and the first nephew for Gina’s brother Tim — who, I’m sure, considers him a personal birthday present (Tim’s birthday is tomorrow).

Welcome, welcome, welcome, baby Martin!

(And yes, of course, I’ve already added him to the database…)

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