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Thank you… past and future

If you ever ever get a chance to be a speaker for the Ocean County, New Jersey, Genealogical Society, say yes. I don’t care when it is, what the topic is, or what else you have to put off. These folks are just so much fun.

Can you tell that I had an absolute ball last light presenting an hour’s worth of DNA testing basics to the OCGS? Great group, great questions and oh my… they even laughed at my jokes. It doesn’t get much better than that!

So a great big thank you to the Ocean County Genealogical Society. And, yes, thanks! I will come back next year.

And while I’m on the subject of presentations, I’ve been remiss in mentioning what else is coming down the pike for me. I keep telling people I’ve never been good at blowing my own horn. (Well, not directly, that is…) But there have been enough requests that I’ll take just a moment here and let you know about three upcoming events where I’d love to have you join me.

Patchogue-Medford Library, Patchogue, New York

June 23, 2012
How Knowing the Law Makes Us Better Genealogists

The lives of our ancestors were governed by laws, and we use legal records to reconstruct their history. Understanding the laws in effect when those records were created, from English common law to federal statutes, helps us understand the records and why our ancestors acted as they did.

Legacy Family Tree Webinar

August 29, 2012
Building a Family from Circumstantial Evidence

Most genealogists learn very quickly that it’s a rare family where direct evidence supplies all the proof needed to connect one generation to another and tie brothers and sisters to each other. In most cases, it’s necessary to build the case for family relationships from bits and pieces and hints and clues gathered from a wide variety of sources. Find out more about how to build a family from circumstantial evidence.

The webinar is free online. Register here!

The Genealogy Event, New York City

October 26-27, 2012
The ABCs of DNA

When the paper trail runs cold, evidence locked in our genes may provide clues to point us in the right direction… or stop us from heading down a blind alley. Learn about the three big types of DNA testing for genealogists and how they can help add to your family history.

Registration isn’t open yet for this event so keep tabs on the website.

Image courtesy of Julio Bahar, Open Clip Art Library.

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