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Updated look at GedMatch

Great DNA utility website Even now, five years after The Legal Genealogist was launched and began discussing using DNA for genealogical research, it still is occasionally surprising to find that not everyone is ready, willing and able to test with every DNA company on...

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Written in the inside covers

Noting the inscriptions This week's discussion here at The Legal Genealogist of law books and legal dictionaries morphed into noting what's written inside the covers of books. And, of course, what that writing tells us about our families. And about ourselves. Now......

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Don’t buy that book!

Reprise: Best for genealogy It is two years to the day today since reader Pam Anderson had a great question after trying -- and failing -- to find a truly archaic legal term in her pocket copy of Black's Law Dictionary. “On the Black’s Law Dictionary,” she asked, “any...

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Recording all the details

Family history is more than begats Yesterday's post about a resource on military legal history prompted friend and genealogical colleague Gordon Remington to offer his own reminder of another tome that genealogists will find useful. It's one The Legal Genealogist has...

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A guide to the laws of war

Digitized 1919 source book In case you hadn't noticed, The Legal Genealogist is a law geek. I mean, seriously. As in perfectly willing to stay up until all hours reading geeky stuff like, oh, the Mutiny Act of 1689.[1. See “Mutiny Act,” World Heritage Encyclopedia;...

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