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Short forms redux

Abbreviations often found in the law Since The Legal Genealogist is still watching the swamp waters rise -- the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy starts Sunday and there are still PowerPoints to finish!! -- and since yet another reader had a question about one of these...

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A statutory mercy

The concept of benefit of clergy The swamp waters are still rising around The Legal Genealogist this week. But... but... but... I can't help but respond to the plaintive wail of fellow genealogist Victor Jones, who ran across a record in the New Bern District Superior...

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Into the swamp

Up to whatever in alligators No. No, no, no. Not that swamp. The Legal Genealogist isn't going anywhere near a comment about that swamp. This is a different kind of swamp altogether. It's the week before the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy where I'm coordinating an...

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From the Roots of a Tree: 2018

The genealogy of a national hero Today -- January 15, 2018 -- would have been the 89th birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He was born 15 January 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. And those of us old enough to remember know only too well that he died 4 April 1968, on a...

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Big steps forward at MyHeritageDNA

Better matching, a chromosome browser The standard advice when it comes to DNA testing has long been the same. Test everybody you can, getting the results into as many databases as you can. The simple reason is that DNA testing -- and particularly autosomal DNA...

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