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Virginia is for sharing

The language of the law. Part Latin, part Anglo-Saxon, all confusing. So The Legal Genealogist is getting ready to pack it up. Not permanently, no. Just for the weekend. To the Fairfax Genealogical Society 2017 Spring Conference in Falls Church, Virginia, which gets...

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APG updates ethics code

Solid guidance for genealogical pros... and consumers The Association of Professional Genealogists has long had a code of ethics to guide genealogical professionals and consumers through some of the murky waters of ethical issues underlying this field of ours. And...

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Reading every word

The tidbits in the tables... More than once, The Legal Genealogist has said it. To understand the records, we have to understand the law -- and not just in general, but the specific law in the specific time and specific place where the record was created.[1. See e.g....

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Not the same

Not the same Dictionary, commentary A reader recently suggested something that, frankly, hadn't occurred to The Legal Genealogist. Maybe sometimes, she suggested, people are confused between Black and Blackstone. Hmmmmm... Okay. If people can confuse this John Johnson...

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Updated look at GedMatch

Great DNA utility website Even now, five years after The Legal Genealogist was launched and began discussing using DNA for genealogical research, it still is occasionally surprising to find that not everyone is ready, willing and able to test with every DNA company on...

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