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The business of California

Reading the ads In just about every county, in most cities and many small towns, there is one source a genealogist can count on at least for background information about the time and the place. It's the newspapers. Published once a week or once a day, sometimes less...

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Revisiting the women and early California law

Protecting California's women With The Legal Genealogist heading back to California at the end of this week for the all-day seminar of the California Genealogical Society in Berkeley Saturday, it's time to revisit a set of records that tend to be overlooked. The...

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Finding the Hales

Not where they might be expected... Let's see here... California. Alabama. Virginia. Nope. Those are not the same. Not the same number of letters. Not the same places. And yet it became clear last night that there is something that ties them all together... with a...

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Mapping California

Part of America's treasures in an American treasure They range from 1680 to 2012. They are 230 in number. They originated with the United States War Department. With the National Park Service. With the State Mining Bureau. And with a wide variety of private...

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Confirming Isabella

Confirming Isabella Another solid X-match It's always comforting when the DNA evidence matches the paper trail. Especially when you've spent as much time researching a paper trail as The Legal Genealogist has spent on her second great grandmother, Isabella (Gentry)...

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