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Genealogical gem in Indiana

The wonders of ACPL There are some destinations that simply make a genealogist's face light up. The Family History Library. The National Archives. The Library of Congress. And the Genealogy Center of the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Where --...

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Taking notice

A lesson from Arkansas law It is one of the most basic elements of the law. You can't do something about an issue if you don't know about it. And so the law makes people who want you to have to do something -- or who want to do something to you -- post notice about...

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Finding the law in the Natural State

Early Arkansas statutes It's been called, at one point or another, the Bear State, the Toothpick State, Rackensack, the Wonder State, the Land of Opportunity and -- now -- the Natural State. Only the last three, however, were official nicknames of Arkansas, each...

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The history in the news

When is it copyright-free? It's the kind of question that arrives in the email box of The Legal Genealogist on a regular basis. This one, from reader Jerry Lumpkins, is typical: “As I create ( or publish ) a book on our town's history using newspaper articles, HOW can...

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About that court case

... it's a grave matter The Legal Genealogist cannot resist the pun: calling the case of Knick v. Township of Scott a grave matter. It's factually a case about access to graveyards.[1. See Knick v. Township of Scott, No. 17-647, slip opinion (U.S. 21 June 2019); PDF...

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