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Upcoming presentations

Spring has sprung — or is giving it a good shot around most of the United States — clearing the way for one of the first in-person appearances of 2024, and a whole lot of virtual events as well.

Yeah, there’s a lot coming up fast on The Legal Genealogist‘s calendar and, as always, I want to invite you to come along, to the extent possible, on the trip.

First, the in-person event: come on out and join me and the Austin Colony chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution for the spring seminar on Saturday, April 13, 2024, at the Balconies County Club, 8600 Balcones Club Drive, Austin, TX. We’re going to dive deep into court records and how they’re used for genealogy in That First Trip to the Courthouse, Linking the Generations with Court and Land Records and a two-hour workshop Order in the Court: Hands On with Court Records. For more information and to register, see the event page. We’d love to see you there in person…

April-May 2024

Beyond that, some virtual events in April (and a sneak peek at May), not to even mention the institute classes I’m teaching where registration has already closed…

April 2024

Saturday, 6 April, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. PDT: The Eastern Washington Genealogical Society will host its hybrid seminar, Where Are You Grandpa – You Did What?, at the South Side Community Center, 3151 E 27th Ave, Spokane. I’m one of three speakers: the day kicks off with Betty Ellis on land records, with her presentation Grandpa, Where Did You Farm?, I’m up next, presenting Where There Is — or Isn’t — A Will, and Sunny Jane Morton bats clean-up with How to Find Your Family History in U.S. Church Records. For more information, see the event page. Online registration is through the Store link on the left side menu.

Thursday, 11 April, 5 p.m. EDT: Legacy Family Tree Webinars will host another 24-hour marathon of webinars with speakers from around the world. I’m delighted to be the leadoff speaker for the marathon with the new presentation Silent Storytellers: A Genealogist’s Guide to Cemetery Photography. For more information and to register, see the webinar page.

Saturday, 20 April, 1 p.m. EDT: The Essex Society of Genealogists is hosting the virtual presentation When Enough is Enough. The link will be sent automatically to members. Non-members who’d like to attend can email with a request to for the link.

Saturday, 27 April: You just might want to watch for an announcement from the Virginia Genealogical Society. Just sayin’ …

May 2024

Tuesday, 14 May, 7 p.m. EDT: The Central Jersey Genealogical Club is hosting the virtual presentation Writ in Stone: Cemeteries and Genealogy. The link will be sent automatically to members. For membership, see the Join page.

Thursday-Saturday, 16-18 May: The National Genealogical Society will host its all-virtual 2024 conference, Expanding Possibilities, with dozens and dozens of top-flight presentations on topics ranging from using artificial intelligence in genealogy to using court records. I’ll be presenting Courting America: Using Court Records for Genealogy on Friday, 17 May, at 12:30 p.m. EDT, and In That Case: Using the Caselaw Access Project on Saturday, 18 May, at 4 p.m. EDT. For more information and to register, see the conference website.

Thursday, 23 May, and Thursday, 30 May, both at 7 p.m. EDT: The Family History Academy is giving me a platform to teach my favorite topic: Decoding Records: Using the Law. In this two-part virtual hands-on class, we will explore how the law shapes our understanding of historical documents and how it impacts the way we use them as evidence. For more information and to register, see the class page.

Come on out and join us, if you can, for one or more of these events and note, in some cases, that registration will be free or at a reduced cost to members of the host society — and some are limited to members only… There are some reaaaaaaally good reasons for joining genealogical societies… Just sayin’…

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