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There just has to be…

It’s not possible for a genealogist to come across a key date in a family history and not want to know more.

So too for The Legal Genealogist, looking at a birth 227 years ago tomorrow in a place far across the ocean.

Maria Margarethe Storch was born 10 September 1796 in Bremen, Germany. Her parents — Hermann Hinrich Wilhelm Storch, an arbeitsman (laborer) and Catharine Fette — had her baptized eight days later at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Bremen.1

Storch baptism

She had at least two brothers: Cord Hinrich, born 26 February 1801 and baptized 1 March 1801;2 and Hermann Hinrich Wilhelm, born 21 November 1802 and baptized 28 November 1802.3

She was 21 years old when she married Carsten Heinrich Sievers in Bremen on 31 December 1817 at St. Peter’s Cathedral. The groom was a 24-year-old laborer.4 Their marriage produced two known children: Catharine Maria Magdalena, born 25 September 1819;5 and Carsten Hinrich Wilhelm, born 3 December 1820.6

It’s down that line that I descend, from Maria Margarethe to her son Carsten Hinrich Wilhelm to his daughter Marie Margarethe to her son Carsten Hinrich Wilhelm Nuckel to his daughter Marie Margarethe Nuckel, my grandmother. All of which makes Marie Margarethe (Storch) Sievers my paternal fourth great grandmother.

Judging from the entries in the Bremen city directories of the time, she was widowed sometime around 1862. Carsten was listed in the 1862 directory; his widow in 1863.7

And she was 70 years old when she died in Bremen in 1866.8

And that’s about it.

That’s pretty much all I know.

I don’t know when or where her brothers died, where they lived, if they married or had children.

I’m not 100 percent sure she didn’t have other children herself.

And I have no idea what she was like.

What she looked like.

What she sounded like.

What her life was like.


Yes, it’s been 227 years since she was born.

But there has to be more to her story than this.

Cite/link to this post: Judy G. Russell, “More to the story,” The Legal Genealogist ( : posted 9 Sep 2023).


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