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Thanks to you

The Legal Genealogist has been taking a deep breath.

A very very deep breath.

A regroup — refresh — recharge type of deep breath.

Moving from a home where I’d lived for more than 30 years took more out of me than I’d expected. Couple that with very bad planning that plopped an international trip into the calendar two days after the moving truck got from New Jersey to Virginia. Add in all the ins and outs of moving anywhere — finding a new doctor-dentist-eye doctor-pharmacy-veterinarian-and-everything-else-imaginable. And then coat it all with a big dollop of “sure I can maintain a full schedule” and…


I couldn’t.

So I have been taking that deep breath.

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These past few months have been a time to get settled.

To come to terms with losing a dearly loved cat after almost 17 years of companionship.

To bring two new kittens into the house to start a new adventure in being owned by felines.

To hone some lectures I’ve wanted to work on.

To attend some lectures and take some classes I haven’t had time for.

To get back — at least occasionally — into looking at my own family history.

To making some family history with my own family.

To simply taking that very very deep breath.

And much of this time has been at the expense of this blog.

Which means it’s been, in part, because of you.

The readers who’ve wished me well.

Who’ve been patient and tolerant.

Who’ve allowed this to be, for me, a time to regroup — refresh — recharge.

Things will start ramping back up from here on out… slowly for sure but hopefully without any weeks (plural) of dead time going forward.

Because the blogger has been able to regroup — refresh — recharge.

Thanks to you.

For extending to me and to this blog a time of grace.

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