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More nature!

So… The Legal Genealogist‘s life has not calmed down one bit.

One full-week institute all of last week.

Another full-week institute all of next week.

And, in between, a quick trip to Mississippi to speak to the Mississippi Genealogical Society, followed being evicted from the house — with the cat!! — to free the work zone for contractors doing renovations.

And oh, by the way, they probably won’t be done in time for next week’s institute so plan B is in the works.

So let’s all turn, once again, to nature for a calming influence, shall we?

And what better than the gorgeous images coming out of NASA by way of the James Webb Space Telescope?

Webb telescope image

Makes everything we’re dealing with here seem pretty small, doesn’t it?


Image: James Webb Space Telescope’s image of Stephan’s Quintet, via Flickr

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