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There is always something on sale that genealogists need.

Well, perhaps The Legal Genealogist ought to amend that to read: there is always something on sale that genealogists think they need.

And then there is the one thing a genealogist shouldn’t pass up.

Like the deal, continuing through Saturday, April 30, on webinar subscriptions for new subscribers at Legacy Family Tree Webinars: 50% off for a full year — unlimited access to the entire library of webinars and handouts for $25.

Now… before I say another word … truth in blogging. I am a Family Tree Webinar presenter and presenters do benefit when webinar memberships go up and more people watch our webinars. But the link I’m giving you here isn’t an affiliate link that will benefit me personally. It’s just a straight-through link to the subscription page. I won’t benefit any more than any other presenter if you choose to subscribe.

When you get to that subscription page, the one-year subscription will be automagically entered. If for any reason it doesn’t work, or if you get to the page from some other link, just enter 1750 in the Redeem a Coupon code box and you’ll then see the sale price.

webinar sale 2022

So… what does it mean to have unlimited access for a year for $25?

Let’s see here… As of today, 1765 classes of genealogy education and 6,532 pages of instructors’ handouts? There are more than 230 presentations on DNA alone. Webinars in 11 languages. Webinars on German genealogy. On historical records. On places and ethnicities. Dozens focusing on specific methodological skills and tools in the context of the Genealogical Proof Standard. Even (gasp!) 32 titles from The Legal Genealogist

I’m not the best at math, but my calculator tells me I’d have to listen in to almost five hours every day for the whole year to work my way through the whole library.

For $25, for new subscribers.

On sale, through Saturday, April 30.

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