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History for Ukraine underway online

It’s today.

It’s now.

It’s for the relief of the people of Ukraine.

It’s History for Ukraine, and it’s going on now, online. You can join in via the History for Ukraine YouTube channel (the image below is hotlinked to the channel — use it now, use it later, just use it!!!).

History four Ukraine YouTube

The brainchild of a team of folks led by British genealogist Natalie Pithers, this 24-hour livestreamed event brings together a wide variety of speakers from all over the world to teach about history and genealogy in general — while giving those who tune in the chance to donate to the DEC Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal, administered by the British Red Cross.

The entire event is free to watch. Speakers are donating their time and expertise. All we ask is that you give what you can to help relieve the suffering of the people of Ukraine. There’s a QR code on the screen. There are links on screen. And yes, of course, you can donate right this instant through the History for Ukraine JustGiving page. Every penny goes to the relief fund.

The full schedule is online here at the website. There’s an incredible variety of talks from historians, authors, and genealogists, from the United Kingdom, the United States, Europe and Down Under, and each lasts 15-30 minutes. My own talk — one of my favorites, “The Rest of the Story” — is scheduled for 8 pm EDT tonight (that’s midnight GMT).

Join us online: History for Ukraine YouTube channel.

Tune in for a little, tune in for a lot, but please…

Tune in and help.

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