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Chasing those Germans again… with help

Even in this busiest season of the year, there are those who give of themselves.

And The Legal Genealogist is oh so very grateful that they do.

And doesn’t want to let any grass grow underfoot before saying thanks, even when things are crazy busy around here.

So… another snippet … of thanks this time.

snippet 10

Yesterday I asked fellow members of one of my favorite genealogical societies — Die Maus (die Gesellschaft für Familienforschung e. V. Bremen), the Bremen Genealogical Society1 — for help nailing down the death date and place of my German grandmother’s youngest brother.

Gerhard Nuckel has been a tough one, a relative I didn’t even know existed for the longest time,2 and this whole family has been one where I’ve needed all the help I could get.

Two genealogists — Monika Ayers and Claudia Paetzke — jumped in to try to find the answer.

A couple of hours later, I had a copy of his obituary.

By this morning, I had a photo of his tombstone and the address of a likely civil registration office where his death record might be found.

This is the very best of what our genealogical community has to offer.

And I for one am very grateful.

Which is why I will be sitting down soon to renew all of my memberships in all of the local genealogical societies that do so very much to support all of us in our efforts.

Die Maus included.

Cite/link to this post: Judy G. Russell, “A snippet of thanks,” The Legal Genealogist ( : posted 18 Nov 2021).


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