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Half off new Family Tree Webinar subscriptions

There is always, always, always something new to learn in genealogy.

All of us — The Legal Genealogist included — have so much more to learn about history, geography, customs, migration and and and… all in the particular context of our field.

And one of the best ways to learn, in our own time and at our own pace, is in the amazing collection of educational offerings of Family Tree Webinars.

Where — right now and through Friday, April 30 — you can get a new one-year subscription at 50% off a full year membership, using the coupon code of 1500.

Now… before I say another word … truth in blogging. I am a Family Tree Webinar presenter and presenters do share in the sales of webinar memberships. But the link I’m giving you isn’t an affiliate link that will benefit me personally. It’s just a straight-through link to the subscription page. I won’t benefit any more than any other presenter if you choose to subscribe.

When you get to that subscription page, the one-year subscription will be automagically entered. You then enter 1500 in the coupon code box, and — voila!

FTW sale

There you’ll have it: such a deal… unlimited access for a year for $25.

And what do you get? How does this sound — 1505 classes of genealogy education, 1721 hours of genealogy instruction, and 5750 pages of instructors’ handouts? Breaking it down by topics, there are presentations on the African Diaspora, DNA, Methodology, Technology and more. There are nearly 200 presentations on DNA alone. Thirty on German genealogy. Eighteen now for Australia. Dozens focusing on specific methodological skills and tools in the context of the Genealogical Proof Standard. Even (gasp!) closing in on 30 titles from The Legal Genealogist

I’m not the best at math, but my calculator tells me I’d have to listen in to almost five hours every day for the whole year to work my way through the whole library.

For $25, for new subscribers.

Such a deal…

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