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TIGR registration opens tomorrow

The Legal Genealogist descends from a Texan who descends from a Texan who descends from a Texan who descends from a settler in the Republic of Texas.

As far as the records go, that’s nearly 180 years of connection with the Lone Star State.

So I’ve done a fair amount of Texas research and consider myself fairly experienced.

And yet…

And yet…

There’s always more to learn.

And — if you wake up early enough tomorrow, Friday, January 8, and luck is with you — you can join me in one of the classes June 13-18 in the all-virtual all-Texas — well, okay, all southwest at any rate — 2021 Texas Institute of Genealogical Research.

TIGR 2021

No, I’m not teaching — not this year. I’m taking a class.

Here’s what we get to choose from:

From Spanish Rule to Republic: Research in the Lone Star State, coordinated by Kelvin L. Meyers and Colleen Robledo Greene
This course will provide a foundation for researching ancestors in pre-statehood Texas. Students will learn to find and analyze key record collections from the Spanish, Mexican, and Republic eras, and gain an understanding of what life was like for their ancestors in those time periods

Advanced Southern Research: Western Expansion and Families of the South,, coordinated by J. Mark Lowe, CG®
We will focus on the growing continent after the establishment of the United States and how families were affected throughout the South and beyond. Records will include transportation, industrial and business, family Bibles; deeds, land surveys, land plats, manuscripts, church records, government documents, and more.

African Americans in the South, coordinated by Ari Wilkins
This course will cover antebellum through 21st century records and tools for African American research in the South. The class will examine genealogical sources, common hurdles, and strategies for solving African American research problems. The course will focus on critical thinking and creating developed research plans when approaching African American genealogy.

DNA Fundamentals for Genealogy, coordinated by Patti Lee Hobbs, CG®
This course will focus on understanding, interpreting, and applying DNA test results in genealogy. Instructional sessions will build from basic principles of DNA inheritance of all types of DNA (Y and X chromosomes and mitochondrial and autosomal DNA) and how each can be used to advance genealogical research. The pros and cons of ethnicity percentages will be discussed, as will the limitations of DNA test results. Combining DNA with documentary research will be emphasized. Hands-on sessions will integrate problem solving with the use of tools, those provided by the testing companies as well as third-parties, such as DNA Painter, GEDmatch, and clustering. The Early Texans DNA Project will be highlighted as an example of a far-ranging DNA project that benefits many.

The early-bird registration cost for any of these week-long intensive programs is $325 for members of the Texas State Genealogical Society and $425 for non-members. For registrations after April 30, the cost is $425 for TxSGS members and $475 for non-members. Now… folks… do the math here. Membership in TxSGS in $40. Just sayin’…

For more information or to register when registration opens — tomorrow, Friday, January 8, at 8 a.m. Central (6 a.m. Pacific, 7 a.m. Mountain and 9 a.m. Eastern) — head over to the TIGR registration page.

There are only 40 seats per class, so don’t wait…

And I’ll “see” you in class June 13-18, 2021.

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