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Looking to the New Year

As long as it isn’t fatal, and it’s supposed to bring good luck for the New Year, The Legal Genealogist is gonna try it.

After a year like this one, even if I hate it, I’ll do it or eat it or wear it.

Anything for luck.

Which of course is going to mean a fairly weird New Year’s Day around these parts.

First, a very weird menu is being planned, to accommodate the family traditions for luck in the New Year.

From my father’s German tradition, the menu has to include pork and sauerkraut. From my mother’s southern tradition, black-eyed peas, corn bread, and greens.

Hoppin John

Some of that can be combined in the southern classic Hoppin’ John, but the rest of it… well…

Friends from Spain tell me to add grapes to the menu.

Friends whose roots run deep in the Middle East say to add pomegranate.

Then there will be some fairly weird activities.

Friends from Brazil tell me I need to wear white.

Friends from Denmark tell me I need to smash a plate.

Friends from Colombia tell me to carry an empty suitcase around the block — or at least around the house.

And somebody — a tired housewife I am sure — says it’s good luck not to wash dishes or laundry on New Year’s Day.

Count me in.

On all of ’em.

Whether it’s my family’s tradition or somebody else’s family tradition, it’s worth a try.

I’ll try anything that might make 2021 a better safer healthier year for us all.

What are your family’s traditions for luck for the New Year — and are you adding to them for 2021?

I sure am.

I swear.

Anything for a better 2021.

For us all for the New Year.

For luck.

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