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Everybody has a deal

Once again, the DNA testing companies are giving us — and our cousins — a reason to go ahead and get that DNA test done.

Yes, it’s sale time again, with sales for the American Thanksgiving holiday offered by all the major DNA companies.

And the deals are good enough for the next few days that we — and our cousins — have something more to smile about as we gleefully hunt for clues to our family history.

fall dna sale

The following prices are US prices, but many offers are also available internationally, so check the websites in your country for more information about international sales:

• At 23andMe, the sale price is $79 for its ancestry and health traits kit, usually priced at $99, $99 for its health and ancestry kits, usually priced at $199, and $399 for its VIP health and ancestry kit, usually $499. You can also score a 50%-off deal on the health and ancestry kit if you give them your email address. The sales price is good through November 26.

• Kits at Ancestry DNA are now $59 on sale, down from the usual $79 $99*. The sale price is good through November 25.

Living DNA has its ancestry kits on sale for $59 plus shipping, down from the usual $99, and its ancestry and wellbeing kits for $89 plus shipping, down from the usual $189. The website says you can get free shipping if you order three or more kits. As usual, there’s no expiration date shown on the website, but some reports say it’s December 2.

MyHeritage DNA has its kits on sale for $39 (normally $79), and you get free shipping if you order two or more tests. The sale lasts through November 27.

And then there’s the Family Tree DNA sale, where there’s a lot more to choose from because, unlike the other testing companies, Family Tree DNA offers full range of genealogical DNA tests, including YDNA tests for the direct paternal line and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) tests for exploring the direct maternal line.

Since this is called an Early Bird Holiday Sale there, Family Tree DNA sale prices are only good through November 24:

• The Family Finder autosomal test, usually $79, is on sale for $59.

• For YDNA, the basic 37-marker YDNA test, usually $119, is on sale for $99. The 111-marker test, usually $249, is priced at $199. And if you want to go big, the Big Y-700 test, usually $449, is sale priced at $379. If you’ve already done some YDNA testing but want more, there are great upgrade prices as well — check the website for details.

• On the maternal line side, the full mtDNA sequence test, usually $159, is on sale for $139.

And since everybody has a deal, there really is a deal for everybody.

C’mon, cousins…

Cite/link to this post: Judy G. Russell, “Fall 2020 DNA sales,” The Legal Genealogist ( : posted 22 Nov 2020).

* H/t to Paul R. Smith for spotting the typo…

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