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If you want your best deal for the 2020 virtual conference of the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS), you need to act now.

It’s a you-snooze-you-lose deal, since early bird pricing for this last-ever conference of this soon-to-be-merged organization runs only through tomorrow, Saturday, August 15.

FGS 2020

And this is something you absolutely don’t want to miss out on: eight live-streamed presentations plus 16 presentations on society management topics, more than 30 sponsored presentations on topics of DNA, methodology, skill-building, technology and so much more, access to the virtual exhibit hall for 30 days, a digital syllabus…

All for as little as $130 for the lightest of the Lite packages (where you get your choice of 10 additional on-demand presentations), $250 for the standard Regular package (and you get to choose 20 on-demand talks) up to $395 for the whole shebang Supersized Package (with 45 presentations of your choice plus an FGS goody bag, plus …). But these prices are only through tomorrow, Saturday, August 15. After tomorrow, the prices go up, to $150 for Lite, $280 for Regular and $425 for Supersized. You can find the registration page here.

So… what do you get if you register? Let’s start with the FGS Live presentations — a live-stream of eight talks on Wednesday, September 2. Here’s the lineup:

David E. Rencher, with FGS: Celebrating the Past and Future, where he will share his memories of FGS’s greatest accomplishments as well as provide a peek into the exciting future of FGS as it prepares to merge with theNational Genealogical Society.

• Yours truly, Judy G. Russell, with Quarantined! Genealogy, The Law & Public Health: From the Plague to tuberculosis, the law worked to protect the public from epidemics. Learn how public health records can add to any family’s history.1

Jenn Utley, with A Journey to “Roots Less Traveled”: a screening and behind the scenes peek of the series co-produced by Ancestry®. Follow their journey as relatives set out on an adventure to solve mysteries in their family tree, strengthening bonds along the way. Jenn will then talk with the host and family members about their experience.

Ari Wilkins, with Scaling the 1870 Brick Wall in African American Research: For many, researching before 1870 is a hurdle in African American research. Learn about sources and strategies to trace ancestors back into the Antebellum Era.

Thomas W. Jones, with Building a Respectable Genealogy, One Documented Biography at a Time: Recording bare-bones data is unsatisfying, and producing a narrative genealogy seems overwhelming. An example shows how creating biographies can make genealogies manageable, interesting, and meaningful.

Ron Tanner, with What’s New on FamilySearch: the newest features on the FamilySearch website and on the Research Wiki, including Guided Research.

CeCe Moore, with Strategies of “The Genetic Detective”: The star of ABC’s new series “The Genetic Detective” shares her strategies in using DNA analysis and family tree reconstruction to find living relatives.

Lisa Louise Cooke, with The 2020 Genealogist’s Google Search Methodology: Sharpen your online search skills with this proven Google search methodology updated for 2020 that is guaranteed to improve your genealogical searching with Google.

And there is more — so much more. Every single package gets a wide variety of sponsored presentations from Ancestry, Family Tree DNA, FamilySearch, Findmypast, MyHeritage, and more, plus a wide variety of society management sessions. You can check out all of these at the page for Sessions included in all conference registration packages, but take a particular gander at the four fabulous offerings from the Missouri State Archives (I mean, seriously, how can you not want to be be in the front virtual row for a talk entitled Mayhem, Murder, and Moonshine: Using State and Federal Penitentiary Records for Genealogy???).

Then there are the on-demand talks — you get to choose 10 with the Lite package, 20 with the Regular package and 45 with the Supersized package. There are 90 to choose from — I have two more on Missouri courts and laws and another on how the entanglements of women and children in the criminal law created records for us to use — and they cover the gamut from records access to technology. You can check out the whole line up , and download a list organized by speaker or organized by topic/track. Those can be viewed online starting on September 15 and running through until March 15 of 2021.

This will, alas, be the last stand-alone conference of FGS. Its merger with the National Genealogical Society under the NGS umbrella will proceed this fall. But boy… it’s going to be one heck of a swan song…

All for a bit less out of pocket, if you register before the end of the early bird pricing, tomorrow, August 15.

Hope you’ll join us.

Cite/link to this post: Judy G. Russell, “FGS early bird prices ending,” The Legal Genealogist ( : posted 14 August 2020).


  1. And no, seriously, I didn’t have any idea when I proposed this topic what we’d be dealing with in 2020… Really.
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