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All day Monday

Note: this was supposed to post yesterday. Apologies for the late notice!

Legacy Family Tree Webinars is continuing its one-free-webinar-a-day program through the month of May and tomorrow, Monday, May 18th (sigh: today, now, Monday, May 18th), the topic is DNA ethics.

DNA Rights and Wrongs: The Ethical Side of Testing, to be exact, presented by The Legal Genealogist, first recorded in January 2019, and described as follows:

Whose permission is needed to test a child or an adult unable to consent? Who owns our DNA? What can we disclose about a cousin who has tested? The rules of the road for the ethical challenges facing genealogists interested in using DNA evidence as part of their family history research. Learn the ethical rules that can guide us through many if not most of the situations in which we as genetic genealogists find ourselves.

ethics webinar

This is one of a series of one-a-day free webinars offered by Legacy Family Tree Webinars, and yes (truth in blogging!) as a presenter I do benefit if people watch this or any of my presentations.

But it’s hard to beat free education, the topic is of critical importance to anybody using DNA in genealogical research, and I did mention free, right?

So tune in to DNA Rights and Wrongs: The Ethical Side of Testing any time tomorrow (note: today, Monday), and check out the rest of the one-a-day free lineup here.

Cite/link to this post: Judy G. Russell, “Free webinar: DNA ethics,” The Legal Genealogist ( : posted 18 May 2020).

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