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Getting by in 2020

There will be no Great American Novel from The Legal Genealogist‘s pen — or keyboard — in 2020.

The stay-at-home time caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will not result in a creative burst.

No new garden planted.

No quilting or sewing projects.

No major home repair or decorating undertakings.

My closets and drawers are not being weeded out and reorganized. I will not be taking up yoga. I don’t expect to make any major genealogical breakthroughs.

Most days, frankly, it’s as much as I can to do keep myself clean and fed and clothed and to meet my daily professional obligations on time. Well, at least most of them.

And you know what? That’s okay.

stay calm & wash hands

Staying calm and washing our hands is enough.

Getting through each day with heart and soul intact — or even mostly intact — is more than enough.

At a time when, at least in my area, everyone knows someone who has suffered with this virus and most of us know someone who’s been lost to it, it’s perfectly okay simply to keep on keeping on. There’s no need to beat ourselves up because it seems we’re not making the most of every second of this at-home time. This isn’t a time when we have to diminish ourselves because our aspirations are to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Doing just that — putting one foot in front of the other — is okay.

So there may not be a blog post every day. And focusing on genealogy and the law will take second place to making sure the pantry is stocked and there’s cream for the coffee and the face masks are freshly laundered in case it’s necessary to go out while our case numbers are still high.

Right now, the emphasis is on checking in with loved ones to be sure they’re okay. It’s on rejoicing that one family member who was so desperately ill is now well on the road to recovery. It’s on petting the cat and filling the crockpot and — sometimes — staring off at nothing and trying not to worry about where we’ll be a few days or weeks or months from now.

Right now, the emphasis is on avoiding exposure to a pathogen that could well be lethal to folks in our demographic and on avoiding something worse — far far worse — the possibility of spreading that pathogen to someone else even more vulnerable than we are.

Right now, the emphasis is going to be less on making “Carpe Diem!” the battle cry, and more on living up to what my brothers and sisters and I have always joked was our family motto: “We Shall Muddle Through.”

And that’s okay, too.

We’re all doing our best just to get by in 2020. And getting through this, by and by, little by little… that’s more than okay. That’s all we can expect of ourselves — and we need to be gentle with ourselves when we don’t change the world, or think up some amazing new invention … or even rearrange our sock drawers

Hang in there, folks.

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