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… more on that gorgeous church

The Legal Genealogist has to hand it to Nikhilesh Haval.

Not only does he take gorgeous 360-degree photos of churches and turn one of them into a virtual Easter Egg hunt that kept us all entertained on Sunday,1 but then — when a few folks had trouble finding this egg or that egg, prompting yesterday’s post on the dragon’s egg2 — he went ahead and added a new feature that will run the hunt for us and reveal all the eggs.

If you’re still stumped in finding any of the eggs, hit the button on the right with the A in the box. The hunt will then run automatically and reveal the answers.

And if that’s not enough, those of us who were captivated by this lovely church can now find out more about it: Nikhilesh has also added a feature where we can click on a whole bunch of plus signs around the church and read more about it — its history, its artwork, its features.

Egg hunt keys

For a bunch of genealogists and history geeks stuck at home in a pandemic, this is a gift beyond price. The features tour is as much fun as the egg hunt.

Thanks, Nikhilesh!


You are going to do another church next year, right?

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