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So where was that dratted egg anyway?

The Legal Genealogist had a lot of fun with yesterday’s virtual egg hunt at St. Mary the Virgin Church, in Freeland, Oxfordshire, England — and, from the comments, readers did, too!

First, the background to yesterday’s post.1

The lovely 360-degree photographs that were turned into the virtual location for the Easter egg hunt were taken, and the presentation created, by Nikhilesh Haval, who — according to the Oxfordshire Family History Society — “has photographed in 360 degrees many Oxfordshire and London churches.”2

The link appeared on Facebook, posted by that society. A genealogist friend, Jan Brandt, picked it up and posted it; an Australian genealogist friend, Pauleen Cass, saw it and reposted it; and I took it and ran with it from there.

But… even this morning, there are still some folks who haven’t found all the eggs. In particular, there are folks who haven’t found the dragon and some who’ve found the dragon but not the egg.

So… as promised, the answer.

Remember the clue for this one. It read: “Dragon in a circle is about to eat.”3

To begin with, then, we need a circle. And this church had, what, a gazillion circles. I don’t know about you, but I looked in every circle, even the floor decorations and the graphics on books and posters.

And, for me, part of the problem here was that the dragon is in a circle within a circle.

You need to be in the crossing and then look to the left, in the windows just above and to the left of the pulpit:

That top window is a circle. But within that circle are six more circles. Down at the verrrrrrry bottom of that circle, in the very center small circle, is a dragon.

But where’s the egg?????

Again remember the clue. “Dragon in a circle is about to eat.”

So look just to the left of the dragon’s snout, just where he (or she!) could possibly be getting ready to bite.

Yup. There’s the egg.

You’re welcome.

And all of our thanks to Nikhilesh Haval and whoever may have been involved in thinking this up in the first place…

Cite/link to this post: Judy G. Russell, “Of dragons and eggs…,” The Legal Genealogist ( : posted 13 Apr 2020).


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