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An Easter Egg hunt for you

There is an old curse: “May you live in interesting times.”

The Legal Genealogist is confident we’re doing just that, right now.

So where, in other years, the Presbyterian church across the street would be filled to the rafters with folks dressed in their spring finery, today it’s shuttered and dark.

There are no hymns floating on the air from the Catholic church down the road.

The Easter Bunny had to make his rounds in this town yesterday and today riding on the first of a fleet of fire trucks so children could wave from their driveways and sidewalks… keeping a careful six feet apart from anyone not of their household.

And nobody… but nobody… had an Easter egg hunt.



Do you suppose even that could be done virtually?

Of course it can.

And the good folks of one gorgeous church in Oxfordshire, England, have invited us all to take part.

Easter egg hunt

So — with a hat tip to my friend Pauleen Cass — click on the image above (or click here) and enjoy exploring this lovely church while finding the Easter eggs hidden there.

Now… some hints.

Read the directions. (Really. You’ll be sorry if you don’t. Trust me on this one.)

• Look at everything.

• Don’t click the button on the right without being sure you know what it does. (Really. You’ll be sorry if you do. Trust me on this one, too.)

• And if you can’t find the dragon, I’ll tell you in tomorrow’s post where it is. (And don’t anybody post a comment giving it away, ’cause finding that dragon egg is the best part of the hunt.)

And have fun!

We all deserve a good Easter egg hunt… even in these interesting times…

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