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Privacy today, more each day in April

Legacy Family Tree Webinars is making staying home a little bit better all during the month of April.

No April Fool’s Day joke at all.

Starting today, with The Legal Genealogist‘s webinar Privacy: How to Protect Your Information Online, one webinar each day will be offered completely free to everyone.

Free webinar

Why this webinar? Because protecting privacy online is a continuing concern. Family historians need to decide what personal and family history information we’d like to keep private while still sharing with cousins and other researchers. So in Privacy: How to Protect Your Information Online, we explore what controls online privacy and what methods and tools are available to give us the best chance to protect our privacy choices.

It’s an important topic to us all, and I’m proud to lead off the month of free learning from Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

During that free month, one Legacy Family Tree webinar from the membership library will be unlocked and available to watch for free, and there’s a seven-day rotating theme:

• Sundays – Methodology
• Mondays – DNA
• Tuesdays – Ethnic Genealogy
• Wednesdays – Technology
• Thursdays – Around the Globe
• Fridays – Beginners
• Saturdays – TechZone

For the first 10 days, the schedule includes:

• Wednesday, April 1: Privacy: How to Protect Your Information Online, presented by Yours Truly

• Thursday, April 2: Untangle the Web of German Websites, presented by Teresa Steinkamp McMillan

• Friday, April 3: Getting Started in Family History – 1- Home Sources, presented by Cheri Hudson Passey

• Saturday, April 4: Google Alerts: Get Notified of New Content on Google, presented by Thomas MacEntee

• Sunday, April 5: FAN + GPS + DNA: The Problem-Solver’s Great Trifecta, presented by Elizabeth Shown Mills

• Monday, April 6: Case Studies in Gray: Identifying Shared Ancestries Through DNA and Genealogy, presented by Nicka Smith

• Tuesday, April 7: Jewish Genealogy’s Other Side: Sephardic Research, presented by Schelly Talalay Dardashti

• Wednesday, April 8: Crowdsourcing with Social Media to Overcome Brick Walls in Genealogy Research, presented by Amie Bowswer Tennant

• Thursday, April 9: Introduction to French-Canadian Research, presented by Michael Leclerc

• Friday, April 10: Genealogy 101, a 3-Session Course in Beginning Genealogy – Part 1, presented by Peggy Lauritzen

What a great gift from Legacy Family Tree Webinars in these trying times…

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