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Something to be grateful for

Legacy Family Tree Webinars and its parent company MyHeritage are giving genealogists something to be very grateful for during this Thanksgiving holiday.

More than one something, to be precise.

Yes, The Legal Genealogist knows it’s only the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, but these deals are available to everybody, so…

First, a new annual membership in Legacy Family Tree Webinars is on sale for $24.98 — a 50% savings from the usual $49.95.

webinar sale

Now — before I go on — truth in blogging. I am a Legacy Family Tree Webinar presenter and presenters do share in the sales of webinar memberships. But the link I’m giving you isn’t an affiliate link that will benefit me personally. It’s just a straight-through link to the subscription page. I won’t benefit any more than any other presenter if you choose to subscribe.

And should you subscribe? Well, let’s see here… At last count there were 1036 webinars available in the webinar library, with more than 4,600 pages of handouts — every last one of them available to subscribers at any time.

Topics range from law to DNA to genealogical record types to research in other countries — and in other languages. Just take a gander at a few of the things you could have learned about:

Trove: An Australian and Beyond Genealogical Treasure, presented by Helen V. Smith

Researching Black Loyalist Communities in Canada, presented by Janice Lovelace, PhD

Seven Steps to Manage Digital Files, presented by Denise May Levenick

Italian Civil Registration (Stato Civile): Going Beyond the Basics, presented by Melanie D. Holtz, CG.

50 Records that Document Female Ancestors, presented by Gena Philibert-Ortega

Online German Church Registers, Duplicates and Substitutes, presented by James M. Beidler

Before Statehood: Virginia, Fincastle and Kentucky Records, presented by J. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA

The Stories Behind the Segments, presented by Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D., J.D.

Reasonably Exhaustive Research: The First Criteria for Genealogical Proof, presented by Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FUGA

And, if you’ll allow me to toot my own horn, I have 25 webinars online at Legacy Family Tree Webinars so far, with the most recent being Privacy: How to Protect Your Information Online and covering the range from divorce laws and records to the ethics of DNA testing.

All for $24.98 for new subscribers. The sale is on through December 2.

If that’s not enough to make you grateful, try the sale prices on MyHeritage DNA kits. These prices are only good through midnight November 29 — Friday — so act fast.

A regular autosomal DNA test, usually $79, is on sale for $39, with free shipping for two or more kits.

The new health test, usually $199, is on sale for $79, also with free shipping for two or more kits.

You can even get gift-wrapping for those kits, at $3 each.

And if you’ve already done the regular autosomal test at MyHeritage, and want to add the health test, that’s now $59 on sale.

One or more of those is surely something to be grateful for this Thanksgiving holiday.

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