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140 years ago today

The groom had just turned 24, that June day 140 years ago, as he entered the church in the village of Bad Köstritz in what was then the Fürstentum Reuß jüngerer Linie (principality of Reuss younger line, in English), to join his life to hers.

He was an only child, as far as we know. Certainly born out of wedlock to his then-21-year-old mother in another little village a bit further north called Ossig in Sachsen-Anhalt.1 Whoever Hermann’s father was — the man with whom his mother had that affair — never gave him his name; Hermann used his mother’s maiden name all his life.

The bride was still some months away from her 24th birthday. The oldest of seven known children born to Johann Christoph Gustav Graumüller and his wife Auguste Wilhelmina Zimmermann, the church she entered that day 140 years ago was her home church in Bad Köstritz.

It was there, in 1852, that her parents had been married.2 It was there, in November 1855, that she herself was baptized.3

And there, on 22 June 1879, that her father — a deacon of that church — gave Emma Louisa Graumüller in marriage to Hermann Eduard Geissler, a bricklayer in the village.4

There are no photos of that couple that day, 140 years ago today. This one is the only one close to that time, and it’s undated.

Emma and Hermann

A lovely couple, aren’t they? The Legal Genealogist‘s paternal great grandparents.

About whom I know so little.

I know that they produced seven children of their own, starting with the first of their five daughters in October 18815 and ending with the baby, their second and last son, in March of 1891.6 That baby, Hugo Ernst Geissler, was my grandfather.

I know that they’d moved to the city of Gera, then the capital of the Principality of Reuss-Gera, by the turn of the century.7 That they lost their older son, Arno Werner, in World War I.8 That they then saw most of the rest of their children move not just away but far away, across the Atlantic to America.9

They were closing in on their Golden Anniversary when Emma died in Gera on 3 January 1929.10 Hermann followed, also in Gera, on 30 July 1933.11

Happy anniversary, Hermann and Emma. 140 years ago today.

Cite/link to this post: Judy G. Russell, “The anniversary,” The Legal Genealogist ( : posted 22 June 2019).


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