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Standing where they stood

The foundation was laid before the year 1000.

The chancel dates from the 13th century. The main building itself dates from the 15th century.

Once known as the Church of the High Seas, it still flies the Red Ensign, flag of the British Merchant Navy.

St Dunstan's

Its churchyard — now seven acres in size — was enlarged in the 1660s to cope with the deaths from the Great Plague of London.

It is St. Dunstan’s and All Saints, an Anglican Church in Stepney, London, England.1

And it was there, this past week, that The Legal Genealogist walked its grounds, touched its stone and wood, gazed on its organ and stained glass, and listened to its bells strike the hours.

Because it was there, on the 18th of March 1622/3, that my 11th great grandmother Elizabeth (Strondall) Petipoole — later spelled Pettypool by her American descendants — was buried.2


And it was there, on the 19th of September 1627, that my 10th great grandparents Samuell and Alice (Jackson) Pettipoole were married.3


And there, on the 20th of October 1630, that my 9th great grandfather William was baptized.4 (My line continues, for kith and kin following along, from William and his wife Ann, to William and Elizabeth Pettypool, to Seth and Martha Pettypool, to John and Sarah Pettypool, to Elizabeth Pettypool and John Jones, to Elizabeth Jones and William Buchanan, to Elizabeth Buchanan and Martin Baker, to Martha Louisa Baker and George Cottrell, to Martin Gilbert and Mattie (Johnson) Cottrell, to Clay Rex and Opal (Robertson) Cottrell, my mother’s parents.)


And there, on the 20th of August, 1637, that my 10th great grandfather Samuel was buried.5

There is nothing in this world to describe the feeling of walking those grounds, touching that stone and that wood, gazing on that organ and that stained glass, and listening to those bells.

Walking in their footsteps.

Standing where they stood.

Nearly 400 years ago.

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