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An F4F, not an F4U

The Legal Genealogist loves having a brother who served in the Marines.

Among other things, I can ask him about all things Marine.

On the other hand, he’s quick to point out when I should have asked him about all things Marine — and didn’t.


On Memorial Day, I posted a picture of an aircraft that was typical of the planes being flown by the squadron in which our mother’s cousin Philip was serving in August of 1943 when his plane went down in the Mojave Desert.1

I posted a photo of an F4U Corsair.

That was one of the planes the squadron eventually was flying.2

But it’s not what Philip was flying that day in August 1943. His military records show he was flying this plane.

F4F Wildcat

That’s an F4F Wildcat.3

Note to self: ask in the future about all things Marine…

Semper fi, cousin Philip… and brother Bill.

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