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We broke their server…

The official statement from the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research about registration today:


Good news––there is tremendous demand for IGHR this summer. Bad news––the demand overloaded our server this morning and no one was able to register for a course.

As a result, we are re-scheduling opening day registration for Friday, 8 March 2019. We recognize that many of you changed your schedules today to accommodate IGHR registration and we cannot apologize enough for the inconvenience this has caused you. On Friday we will proceed with the same rolling schedule. Please do not attempt to register today or even use the website while we make a major change. The website will be unavailable at times this week while the server is being updated. Again, we apologize sincerely and are ever grateful for your support and interest in IGHR.

Sincerely, Your friends at IGHR.

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