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Giving thanks…

Today, of all days, The Legal Genealogist is just so thankful.

On this Thanksgiving Day 2018 here in the United States, this fourth Thursday in November,1 there’s just so much in my life to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving 2018

First and foremost, for family.

For brothers, hale and healthy, and the sisters-of-the-heart they have brought into our lives.

For sisters, strong and independent, and even the occasional additional brother-in-law (with the really interesting new family to research)…2

For nieces and nephews, and the in-laws (or outlaws!) they’ve brought into our crew.

For the next generation — grand nieces and nephews! — growing strong.

For those who remain in my mother’s generation — my beloved Aunt Trisha and my Uncles Mike and David — and for the cherished memories of all those in that mighty generation who’ve now passed.

For cousins by the dozens — some of whom I grew up with, and some of whom have come into my life through this wonderful calling of genealogy.

I am thankful for health — perhaps not as good as it used to be, but good nevertheless. For the ability to see and hear the Thanksgiving parade on television this morning, to smell and taste the Thanksgiving feast later today, to climb the stairs to my brother’s home where a part of the family will gather for that feast.

For the opportunities I’ve had and chances I’ve taken — to get a good education, to have a career, and to have the comforts that come along with hard work. A roof over my head. A car to go where I want to go. Warm clothes and warm blankets. Food on the table. A cat curled next to me on the bed.

For the sheer joy of becoming one of the storytellers of our tribe.

To learn about those who came before us.

To pass the stories on to those who will follow.

And I am so very thankful for all of you, dear readers, who join me every day. Who challenge me, toss your questions in my direction and force me to keep learning. Who laugh with me, cry with me, share with me the journey we’re all taking to discover our roots — and try out our wings.

Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. See “Congress Establishes Thanksgiving,” Center for Legislative Archives, National Archives ( : accessed 22 Nov 2018).
  2. You can add your own appropriate smile emoji here, Mike.
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