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Busy busy busy

The Legal Genealogist hates leaving this space dark and empty as much as loyal readers hate having this space go dark.

But sometimes things just get really really busy.

Like last week.

When I was speaking at the 2018 Federation of Genealogical Societies conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and — with Blaine Bettinger — doing the Thursday keynote that presented a small glimpse into the ancestry of four Fort Wayne broadcasters.

FGS keynote

The keynote was enormously good fun, it was an absolute joy to work with Blaine — and it was a ton of work all the way around.

So… to give you an idea of how it went, here are the links to the reports we’ve been able to find online by three of the broadcasters:

Linda Jackson of NBC: Linda Jackson reveals surprises in genealogy conference family history presentation

Justin Prince of FOX: Justin Prince learns about his ancestry

Alexis Shear of ABC: Drum roll, please… the results are in.

Hope you enjoy these snippets as much as Blaine and I enjoyed the reveals!

So does the fact that the conference is now over mean the blog will go back to normal?

Um… not exactly. You see, there’s an Australian genealogist who’s never been on the east coast before, and, well, Washington D.C. and New York City await and…

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