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Updating the subscription lists

The Legal Genealogist knows.


You’re sick and tired of all this… this… this stuff about the GDPR.

You may even be using the first two letters to begin other words to describe all the emails you’re getting and all the requests for action.

And I don’t blame you one bit.

This really is a first class royal pain in the … um … posterior.

And, after today, I’m only going to have one more day’s worth of discussing this before — I promise — I won’t clutter up this blog with any more discussion of the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation, which takes effect tomorrow, Friday, May 25.

And all I’m going to do tomorrow is a recap of what I’ve done to try to comply with the rule, so if any other genealogy blogger or genealogical society is still struggling with this, they can take heart and maybe try some of the same things I’ve tried. No promises that this will all work, of course, but good faith efforts to comply ought to count for a lot if push ever comes to shove.

But in the scramble to get everything set up right, the big problem is that some of you are going to end up getting two copies of the blog in your email.

And two is definitely not better than one here.

So here’s the favor I’m asking:

First and foremost, please check your email spam filters and look for the email with this blog’s logo and title graphic on it with the subject “Please reconfirm your email subscription,” using an email system called Mad Mimi from GoDaddy. Follow the links there to reconfirm and get into the new mail list.

Then, once you’ve been kind enough to respond to that email, if you then start getting two (or more!) copies, please go ahead and unsubscribe any of them that doesn’t have this blog’s logo and title graphic on it sent using an email system called Mad Mimi from GoDaddy.

For most of you, the one you’ll want to unsubscribe from will most likely will look like this:

That’s from the older, soon-to-be-closed email list at Google, and it will say so twice, at the bottom of the email. Once on the left and once on the right, the word Google will show up there. That’s the one you need to unsubscribe to, and you can do it by clicking on the unsubscribe link, shown in the image.

Or, if you were originally subscribed using the little checkbox underneath a post, it might look like this:

This one will have the blog title and the WordPress logo in a circle at the top, and the bottom will have that Unsubscribe link in the grey area after the Comments link.

I’ll do my best to weed out the duplicates on my end, but I know I’m going to miss more than a few. So please… if you’re getting duplicates, make sure you keep the one that has The Legal Genealogist banner and logo at the top and, at the bottom, says it’s Powered by Mad Mimi, a GoDaddy Company. That’s the only one that’s going to continue into the future.

But do go ahead and unsubscribe to any other you’re getting at the same time.


We’re getting there.


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