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Winging back eastward

As this blog post goes live, The Legal Genealogist will be in the final stages of preparing to wing her way back home.

I said I wouldn’t be staying in Australia permanently… even if they still won’t let me have my very own koala to bring home. Sigh…

But for those who live in the Land Down Under, my most sincere thanks for putting on such a good show at the end of your summer and early days of your fall… and for those who live where I do and despair of spring ever gaining a foothold on this winter-that-will-never-end, a little bit of color to help get us all through these days as March goes out like a lion.

From the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia…

orange flower



purple flower



yellow flower

We’ll have some color of our own in our own gardens in the northern hemisphere one of these days…

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