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Not really sorry

This is ordinarily the time when The Legal Genealogist would begin to apologize profusely for going silent for a few days.

But the truth is…

I’m not really sorry at all.

I’m Down Under, in Australia, and having a ball. So it’s hard to even think of being sorry.

My friends know me only too well so Jennie Fairs, Helen Smith and Lilian Magill made sure I got up close and personal with a koala within hours of my arrival.


And of course you can’t be in Australia without seeing some of the other amazing creatures we don’t have up in the great white north… like this gorgeous wallaby.


After some additional sightseeing, it was off to Sydney’s International Convention Center (yeah yeah I know you spell it “Centre”) for the 15th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry where I joined Paul Milner, Paul Blake and Lisa Louise Cooke as keynoters.


Once the four day festival of learning and laughing and loving being with like-minded genealogists ended, we were off to the Blue Mountains for some more sightseeing. You can see in this image why they’re called the Blue Mountains…

Blue Mountains

That’s where we got this great view of the rock formation at Katoomba called the Three Sisters …

Three Sisters

Today it’s another day in the Blue Mountains, with High Tea scheduled for this afternoon, and tomorrow I jet off to Tasmania to see that part of the country for the first time… and my nephew who lives there for the first time in two years.

So … sorry?


Not me.

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