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Come early!

It’s going to be a full house tomorrow night for The Legal Genealogist‘s Legacy Family Tree webinar, “A Taxing Matter: Using Tax Lists in Genealogy.”

It seems that a lot of folks are interested in what records were created during the taxing process of extracting operating funds for governments out of reluctant citizens — how to find those records — and how to use them in building our case as we reconstruct our families.

You can still register, now, for the 8 p.m. EDT webinar, because there’s always a chance some folks who register won’t be able to make it, but… you need to be online early to make sure you get a “seat” for the live presentation.

That means, seriously, some folks who’ve registered may not be able to get into the webinar.

If this happens to you, please don’t worry: you will be able to hear the whole presentation. Remember, the great thing about Legacy Family Tree webinars is that each one is available, free, for seven days after the webinar, and the webinar hosts do a terrific job of getting the full recording of each webinar online within hours.

And even after the free period, each recording is then available for purchase so you can review it more slowly, in more depth, at your own pace. Or you can just subscribe to the entire Legacy Family Tree webinar service, and get on-demand access to the entire archived set — hundreds and hundreds of classes of genealogical materials, the hours of instruction already there plus new materials added every week. Because of the just-announced acquisition of Legacy Family Tree by MyHeritage, the cost right now is $24.98 for a year (a 50% savings), and $9.95 for a month. [Note: truth in advertising time — if you buy a CD or download of one of my webinars, I do get a small commission. Just sayin’…]

I know I often can’t sit in on webinars as they occur because of other commitments, but I’ve been able to take in terrific presentations anyway and they’re available for viewing now through the subscription service or by purchasing a digital download version: the Foundations in DNA series by Blaine T. Bettinger; or Teri Flack’s new series on Texas research; or Amie Bowser Tennant’s new webinars on census research, just to name a few.

And if you do have time during the day to listen in live, the line-up of upcoming webinars for the rest of this year is terrific. Start with LaBrenda Garrett Nelson’s “Analyzing Probate Records of Slaveholders to Identify Enslaved Ancestors,” coming up next week as part of the Board for Certification of Genealogists’ webinar series, and go on to Luana Darby’s “Finding Your Ancestors in German Directories” on 16 August, and Nicka Smith’s “Finding Isaac Rogers” on 13 September and Gena Philibert-Ortega’s “The WPA: Sources for Your Genealogy” on 18 October, and… and… and… and on it goes…

Take a gander at the offerings at the Upcoming Webinars page and make sure your register in advance for any presentation that you want to hear.

Oh… and come early.

Things can get crowded, even online…

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