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The end of the earth

At the very north end of New Zealand’s North Island is a place that one could mistake for the end of the earth.

The Legal Genealogist might have thought so — after all, it truly isn’t possible to go any further without getting your feet wet.

The cool thing is… you could (in theory) get them wet in two bodies of water at the same time.

Now… before you can get all the way up to the end of the world, of course, you’re likely to encounter the obligatory rainbow… and probably the first time I’ve ever seen an entire rainbow end to end:

And if you’ve ever wondered what a rainbow looks like when it reaches the ground, wonder no longer:

No… sigh… no pot of gold.

But there are wonderful beaches and bays all the way up along what’s called Ninety Mile Beach:

Not to mention the astounding sand dunes:

At the end of the earth is a place called Cape Reinga, where there’s a first class lighthouse:

The lighthouse looks out to where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean come together.

In Maori legend, it’s where the spirits depart for their trip to the underworld.

I don’t think my new friend the pipit was planning on a trip of quite that length…

One more day of New Zealand photos before it’s on to Australia…

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