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New Zealand Society of Genealogist hit 50!

It is The Legal Genealogist‘s honor and privilege to be one of the speakers this weekend at the 50th anniversary celebration conference of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists.

And my joy to be spending some time in this beautiful country and its next-door neighbor Australia over the next couple of weeks.

Which means, of course, that blog posts will be a bit — um — different over that time.

As with today’s post, when I have the chance — plus the time and an internet connection — you may be dragged along with me on the trip.

And when I don’t have the chance, well, I won’t leave the blog hanging completely… there are still all those lovely legal words to explore.

For today, however, let me just share with you my first views of New Zealand from the air as I arrived in Auckland yesterday…

And the rainbow that greeted me as I arrived.

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