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Speaking out in 2017

The Legal Genealogist is quite certain that it will come as a great surprise to everyone out there.

2017You would never ever have guessed that … well … I like to talk about genealogy.

I know, I know. Such a shocking revelation.1

Can’t help it — with my most of my family tending to roll their eyes when I even say the word genealogy, I have to have an outlet someplace. And I got hooked on having people laugh at my jokes during all those years of teaching law students.2

Fortunately, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years as a genealogist, it’s that genealogists like to listen — and learn — and share stories.

And I’m privileged to have been chosen to speak to — and learn from — and share stories with some excellent genealogists coming up throughout 2017.

So if you’re of a mind to come out and listen — and learn — and share with me your stories, too, here are some options: conferences, seminars and lectures where you can find me.


• 22-27: Course coordinator, Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG), Salt Lake City


• 8-11: RootsTech, Salt Lake City
• 25: Indian River Genealogical Society, Vero Beach, Florida


• 4: Midwest Genealogy Center, Blue Springs, Missouri
• 7-9: 6th Forensic Genealogy Institute, CAFG, San Antonio Texas
• 11: Tulsa City-County Public Library, Oklahoma
• 18: Saline County Public Library, Benton, Arkansas
• 22: Legacy Family Tree webinar, “Picture This: Images You Can Freely Use”


• 1: Fairfax Genealogical Society, Fairfax, Virginia
• 8: Hamilton County Genealogical Society, Winton Woods, Ohio
• 22: Bend Genealogical Society, Bend, Oregon
• 29: Tacoma-Pierce County Genealogical Society, Tacoma, Washington


• 6: Root Cellar – Sacramento Genealogical Society, California
• 10-13: NGS 2017 Conference, Raleigh, North Carolina
• 20: Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis


• 3-5: New Zealand Society of Genealogists, Auckland, New Zealand


• 11-13: Midwestern African American Genealogical Institute, Fort Wayne, Indiana
• 14: Genealogical Institute on Federal Records, National Archives, Washington, D.C.
• 17-21: Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh, LaRoche College
• 24-28: Institute of Genealogy & Historical Research, Athens, Georgia


• 1: Lecturer, “Researching Family in Pennsylvania” course, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
• 9: Legacy Family Tree webinar, “A Taxing Matter: Using Tax Lists in Genealogy”
• 27: DC Society of the Continental Society Daughters of Indian Wars, Potomac, Maryland
• 30-2 Sep: FGS 2017 Conference, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


• 9: San Diego Genealogical Society, California
• 16: Maryland Genealogical Society, White Marsh, Maryland
• 23: California Genealogical Society, Oakland, California


• 13-14: Western Michigan Genealogical Society, Grand Rapids, Michigan
• 20-21: Iowa Genealogical Society, Des Moines


• 1: North Carolina Genealogical Society, Webinar
• 2: German Genealogy Group, Hicksville NY


• 19: BCG-Legacy Family Tree webinar, “The Law and the Reasonably Exhaustive (Re)Search”


  1. Yes, indeed, my tongue really is sticking so deeply into my cheek that my ear is in danger…
  2. No comments, please, about the possibility that they laughed only because I got to grade them at the end of the semester.
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