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“Ancestor Hate Mail,” Clue Wagon

Sometimes, all The Legal Genealogist wants to do is point a finger at someone else.

Particularly when deadlines are looming on all sides and time is something that’s in unusually short supply.

That’s when I really enjoy having the opportunity to point a finger to send readers off to read something else.

And today I am sitting here giggling while sending you off to read someone else’s blog post.

Because — if you’ve spent more than a nanosecond on genealogical research — it’s one of the funniest posts you’ll come across… and boy, does it ever ring true.

cluewagonSo let me point a finger at “Ancestor Hate Mail” by Kerry Scott on her blog, Clue Wagon.1

As you can see from the posting date,2 this isn’t a recent post — it was first published more than two years ago — but it’s timelessly funny.

And that can be said of much that Kerry Scott writes — it is funny, even when her end point is deadly serious, and it is timeless.

It’s a great blog, Clue Wagon, and it’s easy to sign up to get it by email. There’s a sign-up area at the bottom of every post with the label “Get More Stuff Like This.”

So while I go off to try to meet deadlines, you can go off into gales of laughter.

And while you’re there, don’t forget to “Get More Stuff Like This” — read Clue Wagon. You won’t regret it.


  1. Kerry Scott, “Ancestor Hate Mail”, Clue Wagon, posted August 2014 ( : accessed 6 Dec 2016).
  2. You are reading the footnotes to this blog and carefully studying the citations, right? Right?
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