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Today only at Legacy Family Tree

The Legal Genealogist usually doesn’t highlight sales, except for DNA sales, but this one is too good to pass up.

There’s a 30% off sale, today only (Monday, November 28th), at Legacy Family Tree Webinars on its annual membership fee.

lft2So instead of the annual subscription being $49.95, today you can get it for $34.95.

That’s not even three bucks a month for well over 400 different presentations on topics ranging from DNA testing to the law.

Now… before I go on … truth in advertising: I am a presenter for Legacy Family Tree Webinars. If someone subscribes to the webinar series and then goes on to listen to one of my webinars, I get a royalty payment.

So you can think of this as contributing to the Russell Family Cat Food Fund.1

Beyond that, you can think of this as a wonderful way to get a comprehensive genealogical education at home, at your convenience, whenever you have time to watch and listen.

If you did want to learn about the law and how it impacts genealogical records, my own webinars for Legacy Family Tree Webinars include:

The Fair Court: Records of Chancery Courts — Only one court has ever had doing what’s fair as part of its official mission: the chancery court. With different names in different states (and countries), it was often the go-to court for cases of great genealogical value, including divorces, guardianships, real property partition and more.

Copyright Mythconceptions — What we don’t know about copyright law can hurt us & right in the pocketbook. Here’s a guide to the most common mistakes and misunderstandings about copyright and what we can and can’t do with materials created by others in our family research.

The Ties That Bond — From marriage bonds to officials’ bonds, sureties given in a wide variety of circumstances can offer clues to our family members and their friends, associates and neighbors. Learn what they are, how to find them, and how to use then in building your family’s FAN club.

If you, like me, are among the one-in-six Americans with roots in Germany, perhaps you’d like to take in Ursula Krause’s fabulous presentation on Finding Your Ancestors’ German Hometown — “Can’t find the place your German ancestors came from? This webinar will help you gather information on how to find the place they called home. We will look into passenger lists and emigration records as well as take a look at what information their name and their faith can provide.”

If DNA is your thing — or if you’d like it to be — try Blaine Bettinger’s five-part series on Foundations in DNA. Part 1 covers Genealogy and DNA; Part 2 is DNA Overview, Part 3 is Y-DNA; Part 4 is Mitochondrial DNA; and Part 5 is Autosomal DNA.

Thanks to a partnership between Legacy Family Tree Webinars and the Board for Certification of Genealogists, you can also get access to presentations by some of the nation’s top genealogists on genealogy methodology.2 Listen in to Elizabeth Shown Mills talking about FAN + GPS + DNA: The Problem-Solver’s Great Trifecta, or Thomas W. Jones on Debunking Misleading Records, or Jeanne Bloom on The Family Tapestry: Integrating Proof Arguments into the Genealogical Narrative.

So take a gander at all that’s available on Legacy Family Tree Webinars, and then keep in mind the sale price is good for today only.


  1. You wouldn’t want my cats to starve, would you? They’re awfully cute… and awfully hungry…
  2. Truth in advertising part 2: I’m also a trustee of the Board for Certification of Genealogists and, while some BCG webinars are free, some of them do produce a royalty paid to BCG.
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